Tuesday, March 04, 2008

My body and I don't get along anymore

This morning I woke up with hives on my hands. Then I was having skin temperature regulatory problems all day. My face has been painfully flushed for FIVE HOURS now. It was itchy before, too, but seems to have stopped being itchy, anyway. I took some benadryl. I can't think of anything that may have caused this. Sometimes I just get hives and become flushed for seemingly no reason at all. It's that whole delicate balance/unstable condition thing. Of course the rosacea pimply things are out and my skin feels tight.

I am not feeling very attractive right now! Hard to believe, I know. "Rosacea pimply things? Damn girl that is HOTT"...

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Anonymous said...

So have you ever talked to your doctor about this????
I used to get hives as a young girl (7-15) My feet swelled so much I had to wear slippers for a week. You have to be allergic to something???? You should find out what it is and then you and your body would love each other again. GG