Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Look, I knitted something!

I made this hat for Jason from the wool we got at the sheep sheering we went to the other weekend. It is the first decent looking thing I have knitted. No mistakes. Hooray! I must say, it has truly been a pleasure working with this wool.

I should also tell you that this is the most comfortable hat on earth. I can't believe it's wool.

No, GG, I haven't been to the doctor for my skin troubles. Well, I haven't been outside of my pregnancies, and when these things happen during a pregnancy, doctors tend to blame those crazy hormones. But, really, all my life I have gotten hives out of the blue. They sort of move around for a few days and then vanish. Sometimes I get them after a hot shower. I suppose I could mention it the next time I'm there. Right now I don't have hives but I do have an itchy non-obvious rash that would seem like eczema except I tend to associate eczema with dry skin and my skin isn't at all dry. Good story!

Moving on...

So yeah, I hope Jason likes his new hat. Knitting sure is time consuming.


hadjare said...

Yeah but it's time consuming in a keep your hand busy while your mind wanders and clears itself sort of way.

Anonymous said...

Pretty Neat !!!!

I was into knitting baby caps for newborns when I volunteered at the hospital as you well know as I think the girls each wore one home from here last time they were here. My doll was wearing one too. Several got too big. Yours looks perfect...