Friday, March 07, 2008

I am a responsible adult

Because I finally made a dentist appointment for myself. See how I am growing as a person this year, with the exercise, and the going to the doctor for stuff, and going to the dentist? Heck, this could become a new hobby! Or a new OBSESSION...

Anyway, I know you all think I'm perfect in every way, (pauses for laughter) but the truth is that I have a horrible, dirty secret.

I haven't been to a dentist in... No, I can't say it. Let's just say, I haven't been since I worked outside the home and had my own insurance and a different last name!

What's worse is that I know I've needed serious work at least since I was pregnant with Leta.

I've started to become paranoid that any health issue I have is because my mouth is full of decay. And according to those commercials, I probably have diabetes and heart disease because I haven't gone to the dentist in so long. I'm a ticking time bomb!

So, let's not focus on how gross it is that I haven't seen a dentist in so long (and really I would have gone if my teeth were visibly bad, because I am vain like that) but let's try to focus on The New Way. Yay me.


Katherine said...

Good job! I did basically the same thing. I think my longest gap was 5 or 6 years. I had to have quite a few fillings, but I felt so much better getting it over with. Just making the appointment was the hardest part.

Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you as it is hard to make an apt. to pay for pain and that is what the dentist is... If they could knock me out and do what they have to do I would be happy camper..

Anonymous said...

I don't mind dentists as I was tortured by a dentist as a child, and he's dead, so now all the dentists that I have been to are so nice and pain free. yer Momma