Saturday, March 01, 2008

Feeding a family of five

Victoria's in Appleton. We were there for lunch. Our bill was $24. We ate as much (and as fast) as we could because we were only in town for, like, a minute, and wanted to go home. So then we boxed up our food and brought it home for dinner.

-Chicken parmigiana over rice (Jason and Mina split this)
-a ton of garlic bread and rolls (complimentary)
-macaroni and cheese (Leta's)
-huge California salad (chicken, avocado etc)(Mine)
-cheese tortellini soup (MINE!!!)

For a long time I have been dreaming about dunking buttered dinner rolls into their tortellini soup...

We had more than enough for dinner and still have lots of bread left. Oh, Jason also had an iced tea. ;)

Okay, Cullen doesn't really count, but kind of because I have to eat the food that my body makes into breastmilk, right?

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hadjare said...

The soup was really Cullen's. ;) I usually dedicate some portion of the food during the day (especially if it's "extra") to Morella.