Thursday, March 13, 2008

Even More Tidbits!

ALL of the children are sick with a cold, including Cullen. This is his first time being sick. Poor guy! It's so hard for him to eat and he hasn't had a decent nap all day. I hope he gets some rest tonight, but I wouldn't be surprised if he woke a few times.

Last night Laura and I went to a local hippy coffee establishment. It was packed with people trying to study and a Stitch 'n' Bitch group. Oh, and some young guys trying to impress some young girls. I heard all this mildly stupid talk about legalizing pot and politics and that sort of thing, and had no idea there were girls in the group because the whole time they never said a word. They were very busy posing. It was kind of adorable at first, but the more I thought about it the more nauseating it became. These guys are so into hearing themselves talk that they are oblivious that the girls think the subject matter is really boring. At the same time, Come On, girls! Speak up or get out your book and start reading/writing. Have some self respect! They just sat there looking vapid. I mean, listening intently. I'm not saying that a girl couldn't think someone talking politics or whatever was totally interesting, but seriously, not these guys. They just didn't strike me as terribly intelligent. Okay. I will shut up about it now. Maybe the girls were fifteen or something.

Today was a balmy 49 degrees, and oh what a difference it made in my jogging abilities. No chest pain! No ear pain! I was comfortable in my clothes, there was no ice in the street and I was able to take a more interesting route.

I'm listening to coughing and crying from all directions. And I am okay! I guess I'm starting to feel better.

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Anonymous said...

I have been really getting into the conversations I overhear. It's the voyer in me, but it is still fun. Those boyz with their big heads. It feels good to be in a coffee shop because you want to drink coffee.