Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cullen's five month schedule

I'm getting a lot of hits from google searches for two month old schedules, so I thought I would give the people what they want and talk about Cullen's schedule at five months.

6:30am awake! Time to EAT.
9:am Time to eat again, and then a nap.
11:30am Time to eat again.
3:30pm Time to eat again and take a nap.

This is totally wrong. Let's talk about what happened today, which is not typical, but what is? I don't know. I don't look at the clock every time I feed him or put him down for a nap. I don't count the feedings. I don't pay attention. I just go with what I think he's telling me he needs.

Okay, so this is how it really went.

5am Cullen thinks it's breakfast time. I feed him and put him back in bed, then return to bed myself for a few more winks.
8:30am Cullen gets up after we've all been up for a while, and eats.
11:30am Cullen eats again and then we have errands to run. He sleeps on and off for the next few hours.
3:30pm Home again, Cullen eats a little and gets distracted.
5pm Cullen gets serious about eating and then falls asleep, so I put him in his crib while we eat.
I'm about to wake him up or get him up--he is probably playing in his crib. Then we'll take a bath together since he's scared of the water otherwise, he'll eat again around 7 and be in bed by 7:30, same as the girls.

Then we party like it's 1999. The end.

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Anonymous said...

His schedule is great.. And it is wonderful you get everyone in bed at 7:30 Then the night is yours. I always worked my schedule that way and that is why I am a night owl today.. I loved my evenings when I could pick up the house and it stayed that way until morning.