Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Parenthood. File this under WTF?!!?

Leta's nose has been getting crustier and crustier. The last couple of days I swore I could smell something awful coming from her nose, but I thought maybe it was her breath, who knows. This morning after she brushed her teeth I caught a wiff of it again. It wasn't her breath. It was her nose. I looked in her nose which was totally gross and boogery and thought I could see some sort of blockage deep down, but Leta was being too giggly and squirmy and I thought maybe it's just boogers. I tackled her and sprayed saline mist up her nose to try and loosen things up a bit. I also tried to massage her nose a little bit.

Fast forward to a half hour ago. I can't remember why I was chasing Leta around, but she was on the couch when I tackled her once again, and she was laughing so hard that something shot out of her nose. It was pink and it landed on her shirt. I scrambled to find it--it was a pink pom-pom ball, like for making fuzzy cutesy things with googly eyes, all covered in boogers and slime. GROSS.

I could not impress upon her the seriousness of the situation. All the could-haves in the world just do not have an effect on her. She just laughed and laughed.

It reminded me of a story about a guy I know. When he was a tiny tot, he always had to go to bed with a cotton ball. In the morning, the cotton ball would be gone, and no one thought anything of it. One day he started to stink. Long story short, he went to the doctor and apparently he had filled his nasal cavity with cotton balls and they were starting to fester. Ewww! I love that story.


Anonymous said...

My sister at the same age of Leta stuffed a round button up her nose and she had to have the doctor use a utensil to loosen it and pull it out as she couldn't breath out of that nostril.. It's a kid thing !!!! But tell Leta we don't like stinky girls and it could cause infection to the point she has to get a shot!!!! to clear up the infection..

hadjare said...

Wow! At least it shot How does one...even a kid...come up with the idea of sticking that up their nose? Sheesh. Were you able to figure out when that might have happened?

Katherine said...

You know, it seems some kids are nostril-fillers, and some aren't. When I was teaching, I couldn't figure out where all the dried beans from the sensory table were going. A disgruntled parent informed me after their kid's doctor appointment. Oops.