Monday, February 18, 2008

Nothing I can't handle!

1. Discovered Leta in the bedroom painting (on paper--one spot on rug--minimal damage)
2. Discovered Mina in the bathroom putting toothpaste on the toilet paper roll
3. The usual difficulties putting pajamas on and getting ready for bed

I made it through the evening, even with these challenges, without panicking, without hyperventilating, without wishing I didn't have The Older Two, without yelling, without running off to a corner to cry for a minute, without threatening anyone, without angrily putting them in time outs. I was fine! I talked to them, and I didn't get angry and they weren't imps who thrive on punishment.

This is a great improvement. I hope this is the start of things looking up and not just a fluke. I wonder if the vitamins are helping. Hey! Maybe I'm a scientologist!*

*I'm not

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