Sunday, February 03, 2008

Le Week-end

I don't really feel too "posty" right now and I think it's because I spent time talking to Stephanie this weekend about a lot of the goofy stuff on my mind.

We drove up to Appleton so that the girls could spend time with Grandma while we went to our friend Chelsea's baby shower in Amherst. I had such a good time laughing with Stephanie that Leta actually told us to stop laughing because she was trying to sleep.

The shower was at Chelsea's husband's brewery, Central Waters Brewing Company, and I enjoyed taking pictures of the place. I kind of forgot to take pictures of people. Oops! I got a couple of Chelsea, who is incredibly adorable, but no pictures of the party.

It was a great time. I think I came away richer than she did though because she just got baby stuff--I got a case of beer and a t-shirt! ;) I will have to think of a way to make it up...

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