Monday, February 25, 2008

I made up a song!

It's the getting dressed for bed song. I made it up right before I almost exploded with deep crimson rage. It wasn't easy, but I said, self, you know what to do to turn this situation around, so just do it, instead of having a meltdown. I should probably tell you that I always maintain the appearance of domestic harmony and poise... Yep... Since you might not know that about me and actually think I am some lunatic who is constantly flying off the handle.

Anyway, Guess what else!

Remember how I was telling you about the conversation with my doctor about starting solids for Cullen? No? Umm. Okay, so the doctor was saying blah blah can start solids anytime yadda yadda, and I said I wasn't too anxious to start because I actually have to wash the poo from the diapers, and he said well don't worry because Cullen is obviously doing just fine eating only breastmilk.

Well, tonight I decided, what the hell... Why not give him some rice+breastmilk? (Don't answer that) So I whipped some up and OH my god, my little piglet was in piglet heaven. He could not get enough. All it took was one bite and then he was pushing old ladies and women with babies out of the way to get to the food. He was obviously still starving so I nursed him afterwards... He'll probably sleep until noon tomorrow. ;)


Anonymous said...

Oh you are funny with your baby boy !!!! He loves to eat and will love to eat you out of house and home until he leaves for college so you better get use to it.. A boy is a boy !!! I still hide food from the boy that I live with ????? So something is left in this house or we would be out of food in two days after I grocery shop... GG

hadjare said...

That was a great story! You have to get Jason to take pictures of this! I am curious to know if he will sleep longer too -- looking forward to that update.