Saturday, February 23, 2008

I did it.

I was feeling pretty wussy about running after an icy stroll with the family by Olbrich Gardens today. However, upon returning home I was inspired by my great looking neighbor who was just returning home from a jog. Yes, people do go jogging in this. Healthy people, like my neighbor.

Anyway, I wore Jason's old running gear, which looked kind of silly, but I'm not one of those "I'm going to go ahead and spend a couple hundred dollars on running gear because then I will totally be a runner" kinds of people... I followed the proper procedure. Our street is covered with ice but that's okay because I was starting out walking anyway, and by the time I got to a non-ice covered street, five minutes of warming up was over and it was time to pick up the pace.

So after my first time out, I am doing... Okay.

My feet feel fine. My knees feel fine. My hips... they might be a problem. I have this sort of pinching pain in my right hip and it kind of feels wrong on both sides and in the general groin area, especially on the right side. It's not terrible, and may be because the muscles around there are weak and it will get better, but I am looking for helpful tips. My hips have been giving me trouble for a while. I wonder if the exercises I did during pregnancy will help with this. Maybe I should get one of those exercise balls. Because we don't have enough bulky stuff taking up space around here.

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