Sunday, February 24, 2008

I did it again!

Be prepared to hear about it every single time for a while now. So far my hips are the most sore. My feet feel good. My shins feel a little sore.

I was never athletic in the least. As a kid I was gangly and uncoordinated, fair skinned, and better suited for sitting in the shade drawing, writing, reading... When I got a bit older I sat in the shade chainsmoking and being a slacker with my slacker friends. Of course I was thin, and I walked everywhere (not by choice) so exercise on purpose just seemed crazy. Doing anything remotely healthy seemed crazy to me, I guess.

So anyway, yay me, I'm going to watch Dead Man now. Yay Johnny Depp!

1 comment:

hadjare said...

Hurray! Before you know it, you'll be starting marathons and half marathons.