Friday, January 11, 2008

That's Our Hilary!

A lot of the time I sort of think of my life as a sitcom. Do other people do this? How are things going on the sitcom? Does this make the people laugh? Sometimes it's a coping mechanism when sticky situations arise, sometimes it's a "would I like me" kind of thing, but anyway, there you have it. I know that my friend Sarah thinks about her imaginary viewer. It's kind of like that, only...different. Maybe it's from growing up watching sitcoms and thinking that THAT is reality and if it happens on sitcoms then it is okay. Which is generally still true I think. Obviously I am a sick, sad person.

I don't have any news about the "gluten free" jerky.

You'll just have to wait, my friend.

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yer momma said...

I always think of my life as being in a movie, I guess it's a drama as it's not very funny. I wonder if I could change that somehow... today I spilled water on my 1977 year bose speakers and decided that I am too sick today to water my plants, I am better today than yesterday as instead of watering the plants I wanted to throw them out. What a great movie my life is huh?