Monday, January 28, 2008

I've been quiet

because I lost my mind a little bit when various members of my family were sick. It's like...on a normal day when everything goes right, there is still this delicate balance. When the wind blows just right and it puts me in a dark place where I have to be mom-bot otherwise I will eat my young. Wheeeee! I'm reminded of a demonstration in Chemistry about supersaturation.


Today was a pretty good day. I can think of a couple of things that weren't good, but at least everyone pretty much went to the bathroom on their own, went up and down stairs on their own, walked through the supermarket with minimal anxiety... I made appointments, that's a big deal because you know, the scares me... I only got a little tiny bit of attitude from the appointment desk which may or may not all be in my head. God! I'm such a basketcase. There, now you know the truth.

I'm watching the prez talk on the telly and all I can think about is Cheney. I'm watching his expressions and laughing. I have no idea what Bush is saying.

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hadjare said...

We were going to try a family trip to the grocery store -- but since the baby has been fussy we nixed that idea and I just went. I shopped in record time btw, a whole hour from leaving the house to returning.