Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

I went to a party last night and made it home without being killed by a drunk driver. Yay!

In 2008 I will do my best:
To get in shape. Just like everyone else.
To remember birthdays, and celebrate the people I like just because.

In January I will:
Organize my basement.
Park my van in the garage.

Tonight I will:
Shout, "SERENITY NOW!" when everyone is screaming and crying at the same time. Oh. I just remembered there is a New Glarus Spotted Cow beer in the fridge. IT IS MINE.

Also, did I mention that I had a terrific time last night? Because I did. I really enjoyed. And there was TAMAGO. Oh yes.

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hadjare said...

Those are good resolutions! I still need to think of mine for this year.