Sunday, January 06, 2008

fun times

I set up google analytics for these blogger blogs. Jason warned me not to become obsessed with checking it, but I'm not sure I can help myself. Apparently someone googled "hilary peek" and ended up at this blog. I think they must have been trying to have a look at Hilary Duff's panties because that's what all the other results were, but there was, right at the tip-top.

Today I took the children out for coffee. Laura and Morella met us there, and who else happened to be there but one of my livejournal pals? I didn't even know it at first. I think it was a good time. Morella and Cullen just slept in their carriers for most of the time. It's good to get out of the house. It's a slight pain but I believe it is worth it for what it does for a mama's sanity. Anyway, Laura and Morella are both looking great! I thought it would be overwhelming with all the kids and babies but really, it wasn't. Cool.

Cullen hates having the hiccups. I guess all babies do. He's in the swing hiccuping and fussing, flailing his arms around with little control...

In the bathroom at the coffee shop there were mirrors on THREE walls. That meant that I could see my hair from all angles, and wow, for being short I sure have a lot of thick hair. When is it going to start falling out? I think around the 4 month point...

Well, now he is really mad and crying. Gotta g--oh wait, he's settled down. Hey, I think he cried the hiccups away. Nope, gotta go for real this time.

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