Saturday, December 29, 2007

I HAD to say something...

If there's one thing I should know by now, it's that babies like to make liars out of their parents.

Last night Cullen didn't go to bed until around 10, and he kept getting up and fussing. He did wake around 2 to eat and went back to sleep after some convincing, but was up again at 4:30 being fussy, and back to sleep, and up again at 6 all stuffed up. Today I'm finally going to get that humidifier.

The good news is that I did get to enjoy a beer and some couple time with my dear husband.

I wonder if this is still from the shots on Thursday? All the fussing? Well anyway. My master calls...


hadjare said...

My humdifier is in the kitchen right now being cleaned. Do you know they need to be cleaned? I did, but you know, didn't ake it seriously until it started to smell like mold. Anyway, I don't know if it will fix it (soaking in vinegar and the bleach) but I DO know that when I opened it up to clean it there was so much calcium that I could have build a tower or something. Man!

So. Word to the wise, it's like a coffee maker and needs cleaning at least once a month - they say every three days (oh please) ... but I think I could take a look at it once a week. Tell me if it makes a difference and you notice a change.

I have been meaning to ask what you mean by saline drops. Do you put drops in his nose and then suck it out?

Hilary said...

part of the reason I didn't already have a humidifier is that I'm terrified of mold. I can really smell mold and am allergic to it. Every three days seems like an odd amount of time. If it isn't every day it's going to have to be once per week I think. I am going to change the water every day though.

Saline drops=saline nasal spray that instead of spraying, I just let the drops fall into his nose (this isn't as easy as it sounds). I wait a minute (probably more like a few seconds...THE SCREAMING...) and then close one nostril while sucking out the other. Sometimes the crying will just blow the boogers out too. Big huge boogers you wouldn't think would fit in a baby nose! It's very gratifying.