Thursday, December 20, 2007

Evenings Are Fun!

Tonight Mina decided she wasn't going to get ready for bed. At first I was apathetic. Then I was angry.

Leta passed out early, so at least she was out of the way, though she is always good about getting ready for bed.

Mina says it's not easy for her in this really whiny way that makes my blood boil. I tell her that as soon as she decides to do it, it appears to be quite easy for her. She just lays on the floor sometimes and refuses to cooperate. Maybe I'm being mean. But I'm not going to sit here and let her tell me she can't do something.

ANYWAY... Cullen was screaming so I decided to deal with him and Jason finished up with Mina. He was all nice and rational and I was glad he was there because if I had to go in there again it would have been to tell Mina I was running away and it was all her fault.

Yeah I have mean, dark thoughts like that.

Then I had laundry to do and Cullen was crying and crying. He was dry, he was burped, he was fed. He was just tired. So I decided to put him in his bed, saying if he was still crying by the time my basket of clothes was folded, I would go get him and rock him and jiggle him and all that stuff until he falls asleep. But guess what! He was asleep before I was halfway through folding my basket. Mina was five months old before I would even consider letting her cry for a minute. Leta never cried because she fell asleep the instant her little nose rubbed against fleece. She was also a tummy sleeper. I know, I know, back to sleep, yadda yadda.

Well reader, I hope you have a cozy Christmas full of laughter and love. Given my track record with this blog I probably won't update until after Christmas.

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