Thursday, July 26, 2007

26 weeks, <14 to go...

I'm assuming that history will repeat itself and I won't go over my due date. I'm feeling pretty good, especially since my doctor gave me some exercises to do with the help of my husband.

Lately a number of things have been on my mind.

1. We need a minivan. Before we have a baby. This is a pressing issue.

2. Jason needs a vasectomy.

3. I need to sew. I have a friend volunteering to have a little sewing group at her house, which I think is a fantastic idea and exactly what I need. I'm feeling so creatively frustrated lately and coupled with being hormonal, the result is almost violent.

4. I think Jason is feeling a little blue lately and I want to do something nice for him, and sadly that can not involve spending money because see #1.

5. Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter...

6. I have a baby shower to plan. I also have a birthday party to plan for around the same time. And at around that time I will be considered full term and ready to have a baby at any moment! What a busy time. I have to plan these things NOW, obviously, because late September/early October I will probably be very busy being talked down from a ledge somewhere...

7. I have to clean the hall bathroom. Isn't that exciting and fun to read about?

Okay, here I go.


hadjare said...

Don't go counting how many weeks are left! That's rather disconcerting.

I can help plan the baby shower!

Who is the birthday party for? (Mina?)

Hilary said...

But I NEED to know how much time I have left.

Yes, the birthday party is for Mina. (uhhh...and Jason...yeah) We have decided to have an actual birthday party and stop being such whiny, lazy parents. I may need to borrow that Amy Sedaris book. ;)