Friday, July 27, 2007

I made him a fancy drink (AKA Hilary does a nice thing! OMG)

after I slipped out of my sneakers and apron and into some red pumps, and refreshed my lipstick of course...

We have some really excellent mint in our garden--I think it's spearmint. The girls helped me pick some mint, and we put it in the blender along with vodka, lemonade, sparkling water and sugar. After that was thoroughly blended, I threw a cup of fresh ice in there and just pulsed it for a sec to chop it a bit. I poured it in a glass and garnished with a lovely sprig of mint, and handed it to my sweetie when he came home from work.

(I had a sip and it was DIVINE. I must remember that for NEXT summer...)

I think he was pleasantly surprised at this. We proceeded to have a nice, relaxed evening working on our various projects while watching Curb Your Enthusiasm. Oh, Larry David. Always getting into trouble!


I read that a good way to deal with thistles is to cut them off and then paint the "open wound" with weed killah. That way it gets into the roots but it doesn't kill everything else. I'm going to do this... Tomorrow... Or maybe the next day...

I hope our neighbors aren't embarrassed about how unkempt our yard is. Don't worry neighbors, I'm going to "spruce up the place" with JUNK SCULPTURES! It'll look REAL nice next to the toys and the dirty, barefoot children.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

26 weeks, <14 to go...

I'm assuming that history will repeat itself and I won't go over my due date. I'm feeling pretty good, especially since my doctor gave me some exercises to do with the help of my husband.

Lately a number of things have been on my mind.

1. We need a minivan. Before we have a baby. This is a pressing issue.

2. Jason needs a vasectomy.

3. I need to sew. I have a friend volunteering to have a little sewing group at her house, which I think is a fantastic idea and exactly what I need. I'm feeling so creatively frustrated lately and coupled with being hormonal, the result is almost violent.

4. I think Jason is feeling a little blue lately and I want to do something nice for him, and sadly that can not involve spending money because see #1.

5. Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter...

6. I have a baby shower to plan. I also have a birthday party to plan for around the same time. And at around that time I will be considered full term and ready to have a baby at any moment! What a busy time. I have to plan these things NOW, obviously, because late September/early October I will probably be very busy being talked down from a ledge somewhere...

7. I have to clean the hall bathroom. Isn't that exciting and fun to read about?

Okay, here I go.