Tuesday, June 05, 2007

boy oh boy!

It's been a while since the last update, mostly because when I tried to be better about posting here on blogger, it wasn't very rewarding. I shouldn't be writing to be rewarded--I mean, I like to think that getting things off my chest is reward enough, but maybe I've been a little bit spoiled with livejournal.

Since my last post:
-I've had about a zillion ultrasounds and we know for sure that this baby is a John Thomas*.
-I've had two trips to the ER with "threatened miscarriage" (some bleeding)
-Investigation revealed a slightly separated placenta
-I've been put on "modified bedrest"
-I got new boots

Our baby boy is big and healthy and completely unaware of the troubles around him.
*Not his actual name


Anonymous said...

But wouldn't the girls love to have a Thomas in their household !!! Wow he could sleep in the toy box !!! I bet it would made a darling cradle if you put legs on it and raised the inside with a box spring !!!!
I hope everything is going along good for you now and you aren't doing too much... I know it is hard as I have done a bit too much and am paying for it with a sore incision... No lifting is the word but then Bill shouldn't either so how do we handle suitcases ????? And of course we want to take this and that with us so it is a problem.. Sent the girls some mail today... Love, GG

hadjare said...

Aren't boys always obvious to everything that happens around them?

hadjare said...