Thursday, February 22, 2007

I'll eat my words now.

I should never have endoursed a company before I tried their product.

I ordered a few items from American Apparel. I got a series of confusing, sloppy, misspelled confirmation emails from them.

Yesterday I recieved my package, plastic bag style. I am not impressed with the quality at all. The ladies underwear looks okay. The mens boxer briefs look a bit sloppy. The mens T-shirt looks good, but this "dress"...Oh my. It is two pieces of tshirt material sewn together on the sides and top but the sleeves, the neck, the just looks like some crap *I* tried to make.

My friend ordered a few things as well and never even got an email confirming that they sent anything. It just showed up.

I guess what I'm saying is... I won't be shopping there again, unless for some reason Jason thinks his new underwear is the creme de la creme, but I'm telling you, it's not going to measure up to those GAP underwear. Those 5 year olds in Malaysia can sure sew!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

message to self.

this morning I had a dream that I think is important.

An art dealer was sitting at my table. On the table and all around were my paintings. The paintings I have done in real life. She had shoulder length brunette hair and was looking over everything and drinking a cup of coffee.

She sat in her chair, took a sip, and then leaned in thoughtfully.

"We are really excited about showcasing your work. These paintings will do nicely. What we are the MOST excited about, though, is THIS PIECE," She was looking straight into my eyes and holding up the front page of some sort of newspaper. She had her finger on a newspaper quality picture of a painting of an old man's face.

"ahh, yes, that..." I said, silently fretting because I realized I did not paint that picture. Her eyes said, urgently, GET ME THIS PIECE, AND YOU'LL SEE...

I thought about it this morning and realized that it was a painting based on one of Jason's photographs of his grandpa, and that my dream was clearly telling me that I have to paint this picture.

Saturday, February 17, 2007


The tuna casserole lasagna was NOT GOOD. However, we are going to eat it again tonight for dinner. Yes. Okay, here's my plan. I'm going to cut it all up and sort of mix it around in the pan (to spread it out after having removed three pieces last night). Then I'm going to pour a smidge of chicken broth in there. THEN I'm going to add more cheese. I'll bake that up and I'm sure it will taste amazing. Yeah.

Friday, February 16, 2007

the big day

We went to Kalahari (water park) in Wisconsin Dells. It's kind of a rip off, but it's a once-a-year kind of thing, so I guess that makes it okay.

It took a little convincing to get the girls in the water and down some slides, but they had a blast and haven't stopped talking about it. They looked adorable in their new swimsuits.


We're going to another water park this summer for a family shin-dig, but this one involves GOLF. My poor husband can not wait to golf and is praying that he just might get a chance to do that when we go to Florida.


I wanted to make tuna casserole tonight, but I didn't have rice elbow macaroni. The only noodles in the house are rice lasagna noodles, so I decided to make a sort of tuna casserole lasagna. It goes like this:

(pour a bit of mushroom soup in the bottom)
hash browns
mushroom soup
hash browns
mushroom soup
a few hash browns
mushroom soup
potato chip crumbs

sounds healthy, no? sounds like comfort food to me, and since we are practically all sick, we need some comfort food. Also, it will probably feed us all weekend.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Cats & Dogs & Furnace Filters

I bought this movie yesterday from a local used book store. I knew the girls would love it. It's exciting, full of action and suspense, and it has talking cats and dogs. What could be better? I remember watching this movie when I was a nanny.

After we watched it, we watched the Charlie Brown Valentines Day special--and actually, I had also purchased that book from the bookstore... After that, a Winnie the Pooh special was on. What a blockbuster night at our house!

I changed the furnace filter last night in hopes that it would instantly cure our broncial distress. It was quite disgusting and I'm embarrassed about it, but what do you want, it's the first time I've ever done this. I think we had some automatic electric contraption at our old house. I made a big deal about it and marked it on the calendar.

Today we are supposed to go to the theatre but honestly I don't know if I feel up to it. Tomorrow's a big day, after all...

Man, this entry was a dud. I might delete it.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

spendy business

Not as glamorous, but if you're just looking for T-shirts that are made in the USA you can find them here There are a lot more and most of them are marketed towards rednecks. I guess caring about sweatshops and American jobs isn't that popular for non-rednecks? What?
This one has a little more style, and the prices are reasonable... US and Canadian made.

I'm tired of buying stuff that--when I bring it home--looks like it was sewn by a five year old, pockets are misaligned, printing off, etc.

Okay peeps, I'm bored with this topic in a major way now. Does anyone have an extra rowing machine laying around?

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

This is what I have to say about it.

I have mixed feelings about unions. It's true.

When I was a poor kid starting a job at Banta Book Group, suddenly this union guy was hassling me every day about how I have to pay the union dues and join the union, and there were all kinds of bullshit politics, and frankly I felt that I did not need a union no matter how much they wanted me to believe otherwise.

Basically he was telling me I have NO CHOICE but to join the union, and I was telling him, I will quit before I give you $60. I need to eat. Besides, I understood that I would have to be there for quite a while before my union could actually help me in a time of need.

I mean, if I want to sue my employer I will. If it's so shitty that you need a union then you should all feel like schmucks for staying there. Going on strike does not strike fear into the higher ups these days. People actually quitting? That might get some results.

Am I a jerk for feeling this way? Probably. I don't care. I worked in two factories (and no, I'm not saying these two experiences gave me a wealth of knowledge on the subject). One non-union and one union. The non-union was a far better work environment mostly because they were scared to death of actually being sued. If I had an issue, I took it up with my boss, or her boss, or the building manager, etc. I learned as many skills as possible and became a valuable employee who they didn't want to lose. The union struck me as slimy and corrupt and felt almost insulting/condescending. That is my experience.

Unions haven't evolved with modern times and often hinder more than they help. So I don't care if some company I like is non-union.

Monday, February 05, 2007

from now on...

I'm going to buy all loungewear, T-shirts, underwear, hoodies...etc. from American Apparel. I hear that the quality is superior and besides, it's made right here in the USA. I encourage you to do the same. I can get a gold bra. That's fancy. I'm doing it. If your order is over $50 there is free shipping. That's spiffy.

Friday, February 02, 2007

It's Not Easy

Trying to keep this blog alive. I feel like I'm just poking a dead fish every day, "Come on little buddy, swim!" It's especially discouraging when I go check out the stats...

So I will try to entertain you all with a story.

When I was a little girl or perhaps 3 or 4 I was completely obsessed with ants. I felt that I could control the fate of the ants. I had parents who controlled us as children, and then Shannon pretty much had control over me, and well, I wasn't going to be on the bottom! I would go out of my way to wreak havoc on their worlds, destroying ant hills and crushing the teeny workers. I drew pictures every day, tiny pictures of "ant things", like ant chairs and ant tea made them seem more important and therefore made ME more important.

When I was around 8 I got an ant farm. I saw the care that went into dragging dead ants and burying them at the bottoms of holes. I was overcome with remourse. All those ants I had killed... I imagined them being carried to a burial place, being mourned by other ants. I felt like a monster. When I realized that these little lives weren't just vanishing from the planet unnoticed, I felt very guilty and that I didn't deserve to live, but because I knew I hadn't known better, I thought I would just vow to be a better person from then on and hope that no one discovered my dark secret.

It feels good to let go of the burden I have been carrying all these years. ;)

Thursday, February 01, 2007


a couple of these drawings were not done by me. can you figure out which ones?