Thursday, May 04, 2006

I forgot

that the reason I never eat chocolate is because it gives me headaches. So for the last week I have been drinking these sinfully crappy swiss mochas in the morning and without fail every night, I get a headache. So it probably isn't a tumor. ;)

I have to sew some little dresses now. Tra la la...

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

quick notes

~I bought a painting at St. Vinnie's today. It's a still life, quelle suprise right? Anyway I think it's dandy. It's signed BEAUMONT. Probably going to be worth millions.

~I also bought a BCBG Max Azria shirt for $3. It has umbrella print. It caught my eye because of the umbrellas and I noticed the "made in USA" which means hot designer item right? Well anyway. I think it's primo. And what I say goes when it comes to fashion. Even when I say ruffles on all your T-shirts, my friends. Oh yes. And I do mean it.

~I have had headaches every night all week. Today at least it is sort of all over the top and dull. Previously (as in for the last year or so) they have been on my right side, all over that side, and very horrible, and my face would actually turn red on that side. It's probably a tumor. That's funny to two people and they are me and Shannon.

~I snipped the red heads off of my snake-like hair tonight. I could not take it any more. Now I really look like a rock star. You don't have to be jealous, I can do it to your hair, too!