Thursday, April 06, 2006

Last night in the bathtub Mina was pouring water from a dixie cup to a tupperware bowl, back and forth, saying in a sort of mad-scientist way, "FASCINATING...!"
Of course, the little imp, Leta was saying in her cute squeeky voice, "dwink it, Mina!" You see, she's trying to get Mina in trouble already.

This morning, as usual, Leta asked over and over, "where daddy going?" and Jason replied, "I'm going to work to make money to pay for the juice you're drinking."
Later, during breakfast, Mina stated, "Daddy is getting Leta's juice at work." Then when we were going upstairs she said, "It's okay, Leta, Daddy will get your juice for you. Daddy will put it in a new cup."


Anonymous said...

All I can say to that is "CUTE"
Love GG

yer mom said...

Oh man, I am laughing so hard!