Wednesday, April 12, 2006

good stuff

This lego tower Mina built reminded me of something from a Dr. Seuss book or something.
Every morning after breakfast, Leta runs over to the couch to snuggle with the blanket. She does this thing with blankets where she holds it to her mouth/under her nose with one hand, then twists her hair with the other hand, and it's just heaven for her.


Anonymous said...

Mina built a church tower with a cross on top CAUSE... It's Holy Week and Easter Sunday is coming up.

Leta gets the twisiting of hair from me... I did it all the time and still do it. My Dad tried to stop me for years but to no avail.
I also picked on my blankets...


my fair malady said...

Leta reminds me of Chloe with Bear-Bear, rubbing the tag under her nose and his "fur" between her fingers. She still does it. The tag is long gone. My mother sewed on some ribbon fringe for her to go to town with. The lego tower rocks, too, by the way.

yer mom said...

too cute!