Sunday, March 12, 2006

Big Changes

Every spring I get all apocalyptic about the changes on the horizon. It's like I'm an old man sitting in my rocker on the back porch, watching the storms roll in. Except...I'm scared to death of the weather and I'm not scared of big changes.

There are so many things I think about doing. Each one of them seems like the ultimate path. I don't want to choose one because that would be like cutting off all but one finger...or something. Let's just say I'm a dabbler. I want to throw myself into so many different things. I feel like if I don't do one of them, I'll miss a whole world. I'm not saying I need to do them all at once, but I think I should start knocking them off one by one.

I love to write. I'd really love to write something good. A little something. Maybe a few somethings. I'd like to see my writing "out there". I could really take pride in that, and it's something I do compulsively anyway. This year I think I would like to, by year's end, have written a little something and submitted it somewhere somehow (not really sure how the whole process works).

Also on my "to do" list this year is getting serious about art. I'd like to go into some of my favorite galleries and say, "What do I need to do to get a spotlight here?" I'm working on having some things framed. Mostly, though, on a day to day note, I need more practice.

I have always sort of wanted to sing. That may never happen because I'm so terribly shy. We'll see.

My sewing machine is begging for attention, and I am bursting at the seams with brilliant kooky clothing ideas. It would be fun to sew...with someone. I could do it all day if I had company. Of course, there are the children. Right now everything else is "when I have a minute"...I'm just trying to make those minutes count.

But Sunday nights are for TV with my husband. Unless I have plans. Heehee.

I would also really like to eat a chocolate croissant. Let's see if I can make that happen this week. :)


hadjare said...

Those are a lot of great ideas. I am now inspired to consolidate all of mine into a few paragraphs. Although, that might be an overarching goal itself.

PS: I want to hear you sing now.

Hilary said...

but, see, it isn't that I'm a good singer or even a mediocre singer, it's just that I enjoy singing...and I want to be a superstar! But then I get nervous and I stick my fingers in my armpits and then smell them. *SNIFFFFF*
Oh lord.

hadjare said...

Hey, you wrote a new bio for yourself! I guess you got that nap you were looking for.

BTW, that last comment is THE most random thing I've read all week.

Hilary said...

Mary Catherine Gallager? Superstar? Ok nevermind

yer mom said...

Wow Hilary, you have become me, this is unbelievable. I want to do so many things, it seems overwhelming. I dabble a little bit and never accomplish anything large. I finished a sewing project this week and then got out my manual and did a sample of all the different stitches that it does. Very cool and now I want to sew some creative things. Some day, we'll do it together. We may have to put the kids in front of the vcr for a few hours, hee, hee!