Tuesday, January 03, 2006

new mistress

Jason cashed in his change for an electronic drum kit. I just hope he appreciates that I let him make noise that makes me feel like my skin is going to crawl away...there is something about the tappity tap taptap that just drives me bananas. I married a drummer! Ah well, the kids like it and I think I'm just going to have to invest in a lot of ear plugs if they are going to be musical.


hadjare said...

Tippity tap.

Anonymous said...

Ear plugs are in !!!!!


joyce said...

we had 3 violin players. That is 9 years of junior high (beginning) orchestra concerts! Talk about making your skin crawl! TALENT????
I just saw pictures of baby Ruby and she will make you girls a wonderful playmate in a few years!

yer mom said...

She looks like she's really enjoying it, so get out those earplugs Hilary!

Skullen said...


Jason, now you can play the type of music I know you've always wanted to...TECHNO!