Tuesday, October 25, 2005

just an observation...

Mina's eczema is giving me lots of gray hair. I thought it was just one or two, but upon further investigation there were fifteen that I pulled yesterday. I looked again today, and do you know what? DO YOU? There were about a zillion more hiding underneath. I'm 25 and already I give up. I'm going to have that intriguing salt and pepper look before I'm 30. Things like this don't so much BOTHER me as they fascinate me. When I was host to Mina I used to stand in front of the mirror every day, watching with morbid curiosity as dark red stretch marks ripped across my skin. There wasn't anything I could do about it. I already drank gallons and gallons of water every day and was properly greased up due to HER eczema problem...I gained the recommended 25 lbs, blah blah. I look in the mirror a lot. It's not because I'm vain. I am vain, but that's not why I look in the mirror. I am studying the changes that happen. I love to inspect just about anything so I am always looking at my skin and hair. Sometimes I feel like a chimpanzee when I do that..

Leta reminds me of a chimpanzee. She is so tiny and so defiant, it's hard not to think it's cute.

Fabric softener sheets are tools of the devil. I have been using the free/clear kind thinking this would be fine. I believe I was very seriously mistaken.

Thank you and good night.


Jen said...

I don't even use fabric softener half the time because I'm lazy. I heard that towels with fabric softener soak up less water. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Ben and I had severe excema as kids and it just kind of went away as we grew up. How weird is that. I wonder what it is that makes kids more susceptible to the itchies.

yer mom said...

I'm sure that GG would say, just wait till you turn 70 and see all the changes, and I say, just wait till you turn 50! But I can honestly say that exercise has made such a difference in the way that I feel and perhaps? the way I look?
I have never used fabric softener sheets, the whole idea of it is strange to me, what you want to do is remove all of the soap residue and how can that be done in the dryer, I ask. Vinegar in the rinse cycle is the best for that job.
I'm glad to hear that now Mina has improved. GG said you sent her a picture, and maybe you'll put it on your blog and your gray hair will go away!!!! I love you, you are a wonderful Mother, wife and daughter!

Anonymous said...

i'm convinced those free/clear products are worse than the non-free/clear products, especially for people sentsitive to those things. they just exist for marketing purposes.

Larry said...

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