Saturday, May 14, 2005

Oops...I'm still here, really!

I've just been either busy or feeling quiet lately. My Chemistry class is finally over...YEAH!!! I haven't recieved my report card yet but I'm sure I'll let you all know how I did. *gulp*

Mother's Day weekend was a lot of fun. My dear husband was mister responsible parent all weekend so I was able to have some girly bonding fun with the family...maybe a little TOO much fun...but every now and then one simply has to indulge!

This week I was all antsy because normally I have class three days per week and am dressed and out the door with the girls at 7am. I found myself asking Mina and Leta what we should do, and while they are really creative they aren't the best at making these decisions yet. My brilliant idea was to go to the bookstore. Barnes & Noble has a Thomas the Tank Engine setup and Mina is totally obsessed with Thomas. She talks about Thomas constantly and tries to draw him. We have never even seen the show. I tried to find out when it's on, but apparently, it isn't on around here. Maybe we could Netflix a DVD. Anyway, I am going to go broke if we keep going there, because we were there twice this week and I have bought two train cars (they're wooden and they stick together with magnets!!! But they aren't exactly cheap...) a book full of fun things to do with preschoolers, a really excellent book called Nobody Nowhere, and iced mocha...I'm not usually much of a spender but I get weak in the bookstore.

We've been worrying obsessively about Mina's well being. That's why I don't really feel "chatty". Things have relaxed a little bit. I think everything's going to be fine. They seem to be headed in the direction of fine, and hopefully they continue on that path. I feel this fierce mother bear-ness lately and will fight to the death to ensure that things are fine!!! ;)

Shannon and Laney are in Kitwe for the weekend. They have to go fairly often for training purposes, meetings, stuff like that, and they get to check emails, stay in hotels with TV, drink beer, have fun, take showers. It must feel incredible each time. Though they have certainly fixed up their hut and made it a home, it's still just that: a hut, in a village without running water or electricity. They had two dogs but one of them died. The dogs are good for scaring away snakes.

Now I guess I should go figure out what's for dinner. I am so not in the mood to make anything.


Jen said...

I'll bet that you aced Chemistry. Anyway, I just checked my tivo schedule and Thomas isn't really on PBS like it used to be. :/ My mother-in-law bought a super long dvd at Walmart and it was pretty cheap. It has tons of episodes on it. Evil Walmart.

Those tank engines aren't very nice to each other, are they? I think they are rude. Rude and expensive. hehe. Tristan likes them though. I wish you guys lived here because we were thinking of taking Tristan to Squamish (pretty mountain town on the sea) to see Thomas the tank in early June. It's some festival thing and an actual life size train made to look like Thomas will be there. I'd love to see Mina and Tristan freak out with excitement seeing a real live Thomas.

Makalah said...

[amazon has the first 26 eps on DVD so you could watch them over and over and over if you wanted!]

and maybe they'd like to go to Green Bay next month: [more info] yes I was so busted caught playing around on the TtTE website. :)