Sunday, May 01, 2005

Bon Week-end!

Friday my friend Laura asked me if I was going to see the free Violent Femmes show. "WHAT?!" I asked. I had no idea! Apparently everyone on livejournal had been talking about it but no one I happened to be friends with. She said she would baby-sit if Jason and I wanted to go, so immediately I called Jason at work and plans were made...however, when the time drew near, Jason just wasn't feeling up to snuff, so I called up Laura and said, "listen here,'re goin' with me and there ain't no way around it, dig?" Well, who could argue with that?

We parked near the capital and walked down State St. I must say, it's so exhilarating sometimes, walking outside in the evening, free of strollers, diaper bags, thoughts of wether I brought enough snacks... Anyway, we got to Union terrace and some band was playing...I thought they were sort of Dave Matthew's-esque, sort of typical for that crowd of college kids. Laura attained two large paper cups of Pabst Blue Ribbon and passed out a "beer glove" to keep the fingers warm. We walked around a bit, trying to find a good people-watching perch, and when we were heading down the PBR home stretch Laura suggested we go to Chipotle to split a burrito. "Excellent idea, as usual!" (That Laura is always BURSTING with excellent ideas)...I was thrilled to learn that they had margaritas...we decided to split one of those, too. (FYI--it was disgusting.) When we got back to the show, the Violent Femmes were just about ready to play. We walked around again until we found a good spot where we could lean against a ledge.

I have a few things to say about the show. 1: I was immediately turned off by the pre-song banter. It was obviously geared towards college kids who love to party and sleep around and all that sort of thing, and everyone cheered stupidly... 2: they were seated the entire time. I realize they're not kids anymore, but...but... 3: I really like them, but I really hate their fans. Of course they played "blister in the sun" and all the big hits from that album and OF COURSE this girl behind us was singing along at the top of her lungs. Laura even got a picture of her but she probably deleted it...I'll have to see about that because it would be kind of fun to post. (Jason, acting as my conscience, tells me "don't post pictures of other people.")

We went inside to powder our noses and noticed a sign, "Karaoke 9pm Union South" and immediately found ourselves stepping onto the bus. Everyone on the bus was on the phone. Laura nonchalantly reached into her purse and started dialing. BUZZ BUZZ...BUZZ BUZZ... "Hello?" "Hey, it's Laura. What are you doing?" this charade went on for another minute.

Union South was like...I don't know...hufflepuff tower or something. People on computers, people doing home work. We came across a room where kids in jeans and sneakers were ballroom dancing, mixed with a couple of older people. Laura noticed a refreshments table and we had to go in. After downing a dixie cup of cold water, Laura wanted to dance. "NONONONONONONONONO!NOOOOOOO!!!!! Aw, alRIGHT..." it was a disaster but the good Union South people are used to seeing awkwardness and did no pointing or laughing.

We exited swiftly and found the Karaoke downstairs, by the bowling and pool tables. A sweet handful of people were there, singing nervously at first and then belting out tunes. It was precious...but I couldn't bring myself to participate. If I had, though, I would have sang "Piano Man".

We took the bus back and walked back down State St. to the car, and decided to finish off the night at Denny's with decaf coffee and maybe even a brownie.

When we were heading home, Laura commented, "That was Good, Clean Fun." and I asked, "Do you want to go to a strip club and snort some cocaine?" "It's just going to be nice to go to bed sober after a night out, you know?"

That night I had a dream that Laura, Tim, Jason and I were renting a big house in the student ghetto with several other girls, and the girls were eating all of our food. We, the two couples, conspired against them while sitting on filthy old couches in an upstairs living room, ashing into a giant glass ashtray, drinking mountain dew, and watching german movies. Crazy.


Joyce said...

you are making me smile Hilary thinking about what you are looking at while being out and about in Madison sans babies. In 1973/74 your mom came to visit me in Eau Claire(ECU)with Andy and that made me smile too. hugs from me to you and your family. Leslie and Halley are moving to Boulder in June. You need a to come and visit your auntie. Boulder sounds fun too. all is well. Joyce

Hilary said...

I DO need to visit...that would be a really fun trip! And thanks for visiting my blog...

yer mom said...

I'm so glad that you have the kind of adventures that I have had and continue to have. Today I heard a quote by a woman who has had a very great life, Linda Elerbee (sp?) She said, "If I die, don't say, she lost her life, say, she lived her life" I love that!