Sunday, April 24, 2005

allergic to life

yes, it's that time of year... I have that feeling like the insides of my eyelids are pealing, raw sinuses, post-nasal drip... It's extremely attractive, I assure you!

We had a 110 lb. four legged visitor this weekend. Mina was happier than clams on crack the entire time Jhelisa was here, except when Jhelisa was outside, then Mina asked worriedly, "Where's Ja-wissa?" It was fun hanging out with Lilja and Martin. Jhelisa loves Martin so they better stay together... ;)

Last night we watched He Died With A Falafel in his Hand. It's a movie about a struggling writer and his various housing/roommate/friend/love situations during a 6 month span in Australia. Jason and I both enjoyed it immensely. It wasn't uproariously funny or anything. It did make me want to smoke, drink martinis, talk and think, all dangerous things in my opinion! It made me want to stay up all night walking around with Jason, talking talking made me miss friends I used to enjoy talking with, and it made me long for my paper journal. But ah. I had to load up the dishwasher and fold laundry, so that was my night.

Leta is crying. Again. Today, no breastfeeding. Not even at 5AM. Today is hard. Tonight, though, my friends, tonight I have wine, and a telephone. Be warned. Mama needs to unwind tonight.

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Anonymous said...

hello Hilary:
I just wanted you to know that I enjoy reading this thing, and I enjoy the photographs too. This page is in my "favorites" list, and I check it everyday.