Monday, April 25, 2005

LetaZilla devours dozens of horrified Cheerios... Posted by Hello

Mr. Cheerio...I finally have you right where I want you... Posted by Hello

Not quite a lap dog... Posted by Hello

Sunday, April 24, 2005

allergic to life

yes, it's that time of year... I have that feeling like the insides of my eyelids are pealing, raw sinuses, post-nasal drip... It's extremely attractive, I assure you!

We had a 110 lb. four legged visitor this weekend. Mina was happier than clams on crack the entire time Jhelisa was here, except when Jhelisa was outside, then Mina asked worriedly, "Where's Ja-wissa?" It was fun hanging out with Lilja and Martin. Jhelisa loves Martin so they better stay together... ;)

Last night we watched He Died With A Falafel in his Hand. It's a movie about a struggling writer and his various housing/roommate/friend/love situations during a 6 month span in Australia. Jason and I both enjoyed it immensely. It wasn't uproariously funny or anything. It did make me want to smoke, drink martinis, talk and think, all dangerous things in my opinion! It made me want to stay up all night walking around with Jason, talking talking made me miss friends I used to enjoy talking with, and it made me long for my paper journal. But ah. I had to load up the dishwasher and fold laundry, so that was my night.

Leta is crying. Again. Today, no breastfeeding. Not even at 5AM. Today is hard. Tonight, though, my friends, tonight I have wine, and a telephone. Be warned. Mama needs to unwind tonight.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

All play and no work...

Oh come on, it's all work.

Yesterday while the girls napped I went to Cafe Zoma, where I sat outside sketching with a girl from my chemistry class. The gallery next door to Cafe Zoma is really cool. My friend talked to them about displaying her artwork. Apparently they buy the stuff and then mark it up. I was really inspired looking at the different things they have in there, and a lot of it was quite reasonable. I think it would be a good place to go for gifts. It made me think that I should really get going on some new projects and talk to different galleries. I kind of want to do some crazy furniture projects... Speaking of which, I passed by a great rummage sale today. I kind of want to go back there and see what I can find. I think they've been selling stuff all week...crappy $5 wooden furniture, just perfect for painting, pasting stuff on, writing on...etc.

We went to the zoo today with my friend Jana and her was so exhausting, constantly rounding up the children! But, I think it was really fun for them. They have fun anywhere, though. They have fun in the grass. It's a beautiful day, a great day to be in Madison, amidst the lakes. Everyone is out walking, running, rollerblading, kayaking... I came home to find my dear husband still in his pajamas, reading on the couch. "six months out of the year we HAVE to stay inside..." He just wants to sit around and read so I guess I'll just continue making plans with other people.

Ah, this week I posed with a phone for Jana to photograph for the flier she needed for the business she and her husband are starting. Parisian runways, here I come!

Now, I think I will either open the windows and start cleaning them ( like I said I was going to do last week or the week before) OR I could take a nap...hmmm, nap or clean...

Monday, April 11, 2005

Still here, but very busy...

It's not that I'm actually any busier than normal, really, it's just that I'm mentally exhausted by the time I have a chance to get on the computer. It always seems like I have less to write about when life is full of events. I can go on for HOURS when I'm bored out of my mind.

I have something like four weeks left of Chemistry, and it's getting much more challenging as we try to wrap things up. Maybe it's the spring weather making it harder to focus. Mother's day weekend is going to be devoted to my mom, grandma and aunt who will be visiting, and the following day is my Chemistry final. There are many things to be done before they all get here, and while I will try to get things reasonably *picked up* they will have to be a bit forgiving...I'm hoping if we spend enough time out doing things, or drunk (teehee) no one will notice the differently colored grout or the multitude of stains on the carpet...

Laura has something big brewing that I get to be a part of, and I'm hoping it'll inspire me to be more creative. I would much rather cut up a magazine or paint a table than clean out the refridgerator...

Jason and I went to a wedding this was touching and fun. I think we need to socialize more as a couple. I think it sort of rejuvenates romantic feelings.

Now I must turn my attention to our home...blehhhhhhhhh...

Wednesday, April 06, 2005