Monday, March 28, 2005

Leta's Birth Story


-Jason has the day off
-my mom comes down around noon, we have lunch, then head off to the doctor's office.
-Dr. informs me that I'm 4 cms dilated and that my mom should probably stay right where she is for the weekend, as birth is almost certainly coming soon.
-We're all nervous wrecks for the rest of the day/night.


8am-Mmm, breakfast with the family. Lazily eating everything in sight...
10am-Grocery shopping for some last minute items with mom. Waddling through the store is not fun but it will be the last time!
12:30pm-Mom, Jason, Mina and I meet mom's friend Leah for lunch at Monty's, where I wolf down a Mocha and a breakfast burrito, oooh spicy!
2:30pm-We drive by the house I like and head over to a photo exhibit.
2:31pm-I'm not feeling great. Should I say anything? ...
3:00pm-quickly looking at photography. I feel worse. I want to go to the bathroom. There isn't one. Hm. "Let's go home, guys..."
3:30pm-I think we should get ready. Things are tense. I'm having VERY uncomfortable contractions.
3:45pm-I am on my hands and knees, panting. This is getting serious and starting to suck. Jason looks for watch.
4:00pm-Contractions are five minutes apart lasting 50 seconds. Okay...let's go..
4:05pm-"Hee hee hoooooooo! Hee hee hee hoooooooo!" gripping door handle...
4:30pm-we arrive at St. Mary's ER where Jason (my hero!) finds me a wheelchair and we begin our journey up...the others in the ER proclaim "she goes first!"
4:45pm-Jason helps me into gown and they check my cervix--5 cm dilated, ok she's really in labor...
5:00pm-Holy $#**! Look at this birthing room! The luxury! Leather furniture! Whirlpool tub! This isn't bad at all!
5:00:10pm-THIS @#$* SUCKS! HEE HEE HEE WHOOOOOOOO! My back is in nonstop agony and I can barely tell when the contractions begin or end. What?! You want to strap a belt to my belly?!!! *&$@!!!
5:20pm-I am in heaven having just dipped into my bath. I love you all! Though...I feel like I have to pee or something...too...much...pressure...
5:30pm-I have to get out of the tub! I'm overheating and this sucks and let's have this baby please!
5:45pm-My wonderful fantastic superb doctor breaks my water--YEAH!!!!! Relief! Oh but wait--she discovers the baby's head is facing wrong direction...if I could give a little push she'll turn it around for me. OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW
6:00pm-my cervix is 9cm back feels better but my contractions might kill me or anyone in the room with me. I have nearly broken every bone in Jason's hand.
6:15pm-I am feeling incredible urge to push during contractions. I'm on all fours on the birthing bed, no longer able to control the breathing.
6:25pm-I'm 10cm dilated! It's time to push! They say things like "push like you have to poop"--um..."chin down, hold your breath while you push! Relax those legs(this is hard to do...) It's coming"
6:35pm-"that's it! Just like the last one, that was great!" I'm feeling the burning sensation now...and I hear them commenting on how much hair is on the baby's head...
6:46pm-Leta's head is born! Oh my god yes!
6:47pm-Leta's shoulders are born! the rest slips out and they plop my beautiful cheese covered hairy little angel on my chest. Jason and I are crying about the baby as they wait for my placenta.
6:55pm-have to push again to deliver placenta--don't worry, this is a cinch.
7:00pm-I am rewarded with a toasted bagel and apple juice and it tastes incredible. It is the best tasting bagel and apple juice I have ever had in my life. I could eat fifty more.

I had no tearing, no stitches...not even enough swelling to warrant the usual frozen diaper treatment.

I am told that Mina is sick, vomiting everything, and I am crying because I don't want to be in the hospital while she needs her mama...we manage to get out of there by 1, and I get to be home with my wonderful, complete family.

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