Wednesday, March 30, 2005

It's been a long day.

Leta was up all night with a fever. I almost didn't go to school this morning, but at the last minute I made myself do it. Leta seemed better, and we got our grades from the presentations and a take home test. I got a whopping 100% on my presentation. Yeah!

After school we came home and ate an early lunch, then went for a walk down Willy St. It reminds me of the area my parents lived when I was a baby...I don't remember it, but I've seen pictures. The houses are all run down and close together, and full of old hippies... Anyway, we went to St. Vinnie's and Mina sang "London Bridge" over and over while I picked out some fun striped pants and summery shirts. I also picked up a copy of Tori Amos "Under the Pink" (a CD I have now owned THREE times...) for two dollars. There were a lot of young hipsters there with their kids. It was so cute to see little tots in cargo pants and chuck taylor shoes with little retro T-shirts. We decided to keep walking, since it was so nice out. I heard drumming in the distance and the kids were in good moods. A man playing a drum in front of the co-op sang a nigerian song to the kids, supposed to make them behave and go to sleep. All it did was make Mina want to dance though...she was having a blast...but we went on our way. Next stop was Mother Fool's for an iced mocha and a cranberry orange cookie for Mina to eat on the way back to the car. Everywhere I went, people held doors open for me. It was that kind of do-good day. Cars even stopped so that I could cross the street. Hippy neighborhoods are good for that sort of thing.

When we got home, the girls were both zonked. I put them to bed and turned on the TV to see if the severe weather was coming or not. Yes, in fact, we had a tornado watch and severe thunderstorm warning...Gary Cannolte was all over the TV showing is the path of the storms. After a few minutes it turned into a tornado warning. A tornado touched down in Waunakee (west of here) up I went, dragging my SUPERCRANKY girls out of their peaceful slumber. It was greenish/black outside and that is always a bad sign. I grabbed their little foam couch and the cotton yoga mat and we made a little fort in the bathroom. Jason called me to tell me when it was supposedly over so we could get out of the bathroom, and then for the next hour or so Mina was hyperventilating and freaking out. I couldn't calm her down. I tried everything... Eventually strawberries and milk put her in a better mood. Everybody knows that strawberries go perfectly with tornadoes!

Later on Leta's fever came back, this time it was really high...103.8 under the arm. I gave her tylenol and it didn't go down...I called the physician on call and he told me, tylenol, then two hours later ibuprofen, then two hours later tylenol and just keep alternating. He said to get her undressed and wet with room temp. water and allow her to air dry, and repeat as necessary. If her temp doesn't improve, take her in. It's gone down a little and she's sleeping naked in the porta crib downstairs. I didn't want to put her in her bedroom...I wanted to keep an eye on her fever. Anyway, now I have launrdy to fold (as usual) and a chemistry test to study for.


Jen said...

Poor Leta. Tristan had a fever the other day too.

thairishkat said...

psst! it's me, kathleen. i've stepped over the line and have signed up for a blogspot. i don't know how to do it but i'm going to teach myself this weekend.

bye bye!!