Friday, March 04, 2005

Is it Friday again? (nothing all that amusing...)

Yesterday my friend Laura and I had lunch with the girls at the Original Pancake House (right?) and afterward we decided to check out a few stores in Monona.

We went to a Native American store called "Many Nations" and it was the teeniest little hole in the wall. I expected it to be crammed full of sparkly breakable things and kitchy typical things that stupid white people would decorate their offices with, but it was actually really nice...everything was in glass cases and it wasn't packed at all. We didn't buy anything though, we just wanted to look and be on our merry way.

We went to a little strip mall and bought a few things at Ben Franklin Crafts. Mina decided to pitch a fit in the middle of the store for reasons unknown. I mean, she was screaming at the top of her lungs...but I was still able to buy six balls of cotton yarn, some little barretts and a parrot kite. Laura bought me two canvases and I'm to paint her something for her livingroom. I'm excited to get out the paints and I hope I can come up with something that pleases her. Laura has friends in high places, so I expect that they'll see her painting and demand my name and number...haha...

Cuppa Jo is a little coffee shop a few doors down from the craft store, and we decided to take a coffee break. Laura bought my coffee (my, my, I have a generous friend, don't I?) and my eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw the wood cut prints on the walls...Oh, I wanted one fact, I wanted them all. Several of them were of buildings in Madison, I thought one of those would be a wise investment. The smaller prints were something like $130 and the large prints were $185. I thought that was very reasonable. I really liked the style and everything...*sigh* of course I didn't buy any because you know, my family needs to eat, but I did come home and tell Jason all about it and went on and on about how art was a good investment and a worthy cause. I would love to be able to buy art. I would love to support artists. Someday...maybe...

Today I drew a face on the magna-doodle and was asking Mina about it...she said, "Is it Laura? It's Laura. That's Laura!" I was going to post a picture of what exactly she thought looked like Laura, but I just didn't have the heart. Let me just say it looked nothing like Laura.

Right now I'm typing with one hand, holding a stinky baby...breaktime is over.

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