Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I needs me some spring!

For the last week I have been sooooo tiiiiiiired. When I hop on the computer between mundane household duties I even nod off sometimes. My brain feels numb and I hate it--I just want to scream from the diaphram. I've been getting close to adequite sleep so I don't get it. Laura suggested that I might be fighting off a bug. It might be the chocolate martinis. I think it's that it's the end of winter and I have serious cabin fever. I take the girls somewhere every day just to get the teeniest amount of fresh air, but the landscape is brown and it's usually too cold to spend much time outside.

Today (besides class) we went to a "thrift department store" called Savers. I was hoping to find a funky retro spring jacket, because they always have a zillion of those at thrift stores...not today, however. All the other hipsters in Madison must have beat me to it. I did manage to buy three lovely silk scarves to accessorize with this spring/summer, a somewhat frumpy sundress (it's a little baggy...but it's red...and aren't sundresses supposed to be kind of loose?) and a goofy slip-dress I may never actually wear, but it's kind of fun and I might use it for a sewing project or something...

I just realized how boring it must be to read about what useless junk I bought at a thrift store. Anyway, it was something to do, and not hard on the ol' pocketbook, and it made me smile to look at the spring clothes.

Mina hates thrift shopping. Typical.

Anyway, this spring fever is rendering me next to useless around the house. If I could open some windows, just think of all the cleaning I could get done! *sigh*

I feel so sluggish, writing is a chore right now and I'm totally uninspired. PLEASE WARM UP SOON BEFORE I PUT A FORK IN MY OWN EYE. I'm driving myself berzerk in here.


Anonymous said...

Well, you can imagine what your Grandmother is going to say to that entry????
It is beautiful down here in Florida and the grass is green, trees are blooming, pool is warm and brownies are in the oven!! You are WELCOME....any time... Think about it again.

Hilary said...

I KNEW you would tell me what the weather's like in your area...
I can't really go anywhere until school is out. I wonder, do ticket prices go down in the summer?