Wednesday, March 02, 2005

http:The cutest shoes in the world by Robeez. I went to the Hilldale Mall today and "splurged", though I must say, one could do A LOT worse there. Apparently, somewhere in Madison there are people who go to fancy balls and can afford to drop a LOT of money. This mall is teeming with "desperate housewives" they see me the way I see them? They just seem so boring. One thing I like about that mall is that the sales people are older and friendlier...they always talk to/play with my kids. I can't imagine that they think I have any money to spend. I was dressed like a crazy hobo today, three shades of red...I just shouldn't be allowed to dress myself at 6 am. All of the other ladies I see there must have someone who dresses them. "Darling, I'm in the mood for 'saffron'...and tweed..." Or they dress themselves while someone watches their children. Or they are a lot more talented than yours truly...

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