Wednesday, March 30, 2005

It's been a long day.

Leta was up all night with a fever. I almost didn't go to school this morning, but at the last minute I made myself do it. Leta seemed better, and we got our grades from the presentations and a take home test. I got a whopping 100% on my presentation. Yeah!

After school we came home and ate an early lunch, then went for a walk down Willy St. It reminds me of the area my parents lived when I was a baby...I don't remember it, but I've seen pictures. The houses are all run down and close together, and full of old hippies... Anyway, we went to St. Vinnie's and Mina sang "London Bridge" over and over while I picked out some fun striped pants and summery shirts. I also picked up a copy of Tori Amos "Under the Pink" (a CD I have now owned THREE times...) for two dollars. There were a lot of young hipsters there with their kids. It was so cute to see little tots in cargo pants and chuck taylor shoes with little retro T-shirts. We decided to keep walking, since it was so nice out. I heard drumming in the distance and the kids were in good moods. A man playing a drum in front of the co-op sang a nigerian song to the kids, supposed to make them behave and go to sleep. All it did was make Mina want to dance though...she was having a blast...but we went on our way. Next stop was Mother Fool's for an iced mocha and a cranberry orange cookie for Mina to eat on the way back to the car. Everywhere I went, people held doors open for me. It was that kind of do-good day. Cars even stopped so that I could cross the street. Hippy neighborhoods are good for that sort of thing.

When we got home, the girls were both zonked. I put them to bed and turned on the TV to see if the severe weather was coming or not. Yes, in fact, we had a tornado watch and severe thunderstorm warning...Gary Cannolte was all over the TV showing is the path of the storms. After a few minutes it turned into a tornado warning. A tornado touched down in Waunakee (west of here) up I went, dragging my SUPERCRANKY girls out of their peaceful slumber. It was greenish/black outside and that is always a bad sign. I grabbed their little foam couch and the cotton yoga mat and we made a little fort in the bathroom. Jason called me to tell me when it was supposedly over so we could get out of the bathroom, and then for the next hour or so Mina was hyperventilating and freaking out. I couldn't calm her down. I tried everything... Eventually strawberries and milk put her in a better mood. Everybody knows that strawberries go perfectly with tornadoes!

Later on Leta's fever came back, this time it was really high...103.8 under the arm. I gave her tylenol and it didn't go down...I called the physician on call and he told me, tylenol, then two hours later ibuprofen, then two hours later tylenol and just keep alternating. He said to get her undressed and wet with room temp. water and allow her to air dry, and repeat as necessary. If her temp doesn't improve, take her in. It's gone down a little and she's sleeping naked in the porta crib downstairs. I didn't want to put her in her bedroom...I wanted to keep an eye on her fever. Anyway, now I have launrdy to fold (as usual) and a chemistry test to study for.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

No more babies!

My baby girl is one year old already...she still seems like a baby to me, maybe because she is still crawling. She stands alone though so if I recall correctly, the whole walking alone thing should be right behind that. Leta's personality is really becoming apparent. She loves to chatter and she makes faces that give me huge belly laughs...she's a little comedian, that one. She has big, funny teeth and big, chubby hands. Leta is scared of strangers, dogs and baths. She hates taking a bath but hopefully some of her new bath toys will help. Leta is patient when Mina demands so much attention...I want desperately to give them both 100% of my attention, and yet lately I feel so overwhelmed I just want to lock myself in the bathroom and cry. I think it's the hormones from weaning Leta off of the breast. My body has been THEIRS for over three years...

"Girls, do me a favor and clean the house while I go to the spa. Thanks."

Woops, this entry was supposed to be all about Leta. When Leta was born I was such a wreck. She was losing weight and had jaundice. I sat with her in the sunny windows and cried. I was terribly upset that she wasn't thriving. And Mina was so sick too...we did so much laundry that week! Mina cried when I nursed Leta...

I would make this longer, but I don't want to lose it and blogger has been misbehaving lately. Time to go make tea and clean up anyway...

Monday, March 28, 2005

The Birthday Girl! Posted by Hello

Leta's Birth Story


-Jason has the day off
-my mom comes down around noon, we have lunch, then head off to the doctor's office.
-Dr. informs me that I'm 4 cms dilated and that my mom should probably stay right where she is for the weekend, as birth is almost certainly coming soon.
-We're all nervous wrecks for the rest of the day/night.


8am-Mmm, breakfast with the family. Lazily eating everything in sight...
10am-Grocery shopping for some last minute items with mom. Waddling through the store is not fun but it will be the last time!
12:30pm-Mom, Jason, Mina and I meet mom's friend Leah for lunch at Monty's, where I wolf down a Mocha and a breakfast burrito, oooh spicy!
2:30pm-We drive by the house I like and head over to a photo exhibit.
2:31pm-I'm not feeling great. Should I say anything? ...
3:00pm-quickly looking at photography. I feel worse. I want to go to the bathroom. There isn't one. Hm. "Let's go home, guys..."
3:30pm-I think we should get ready. Things are tense. I'm having VERY uncomfortable contractions.
3:45pm-I am on my hands and knees, panting. This is getting serious and starting to suck. Jason looks for watch.
4:00pm-Contractions are five minutes apart lasting 50 seconds. Okay...let's go..
4:05pm-"Hee hee hoooooooo! Hee hee hee hoooooooo!" gripping door handle...
4:30pm-we arrive at St. Mary's ER where Jason (my hero!) finds me a wheelchair and we begin our journey up...the others in the ER proclaim "she goes first!"
4:45pm-Jason helps me into gown and they check my cervix--5 cm dilated, ok she's really in labor...
5:00pm-Holy $#**! Look at this birthing room! The luxury! Leather furniture! Whirlpool tub! This isn't bad at all!
5:00:10pm-THIS @#$* SUCKS! HEE HEE HEE WHOOOOOOOO! My back is in nonstop agony and I can barely tell when the contractions begin or end. What?! You want to strap a belt to my belly?!!! *&$@!!!
5:20pm-I am in heaven having just dipped into my bath. I love you all! Though...I feel like I have to pee or something...too...much...pressure...
5:30pm-I have to get out of the tub! I'm overheating and this sucks and let's have this baby please!
5:45pm-My wonderful fantastic superb doctor breaks my water--YEAH!!!!! Relief! Oh but wait--she discovers the baby's head is facing wrong direction...if I could give a little push she'll turn it around for me. OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW
6:00pm-my cervix is 9cm back feels better but my contractions might kill me or anyone in the room with me. I have nearly broken every bone in Jason's hand.
6:15pm-I am feeling incredible urge to push during contractions. I'm on all fours on the birthing bed, no longer able to control the breathing.
6:25pm-I'm 10cm dilated! It's time to push! They say things like "push like you have to poop"--um..."chin down, hold your breath while you push! Relax those legs(this is hard to do...) It's coming"
6:35pm-"that's it! Just like the last one, that was great!" I'm feeling the burning sensation now...and I hear them commenting on how much hair is on the baby's head...
6:46pm-Leta's head is born! Oh my god yes!
6:47pm-Leta's shoulders are born! the rest slips out and they plop my beautiful cheese covered hairy little angel on my chest. Jason and I are crying about the baby as they wait for my placenta.
6:55pm-have to push again to deliver placenta--don't worry, this is a cinch.
7:00pm-I am rewarded with a toasted bagel and apple juice and it tastes incredible. It is the best tasting bagel and apple juice I have ever had in my life. I could eat fifty more.

I had no tearing, no stitches...not even enough swelling to warrant the usual frozen diaper treatment.

I am told that Mina is sick, vomiting everything, and I am crying because I don't want to be in the hospital while she needs her mama...we manage to get out of there by 1, and I get to be home with my wonderful, complete family.

One Year Ago... Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 24, 2005

a tale of love and loss


We looked at the most beautiful house last night. It was a craftsman style, excellent construction, solid, safe (as in nothing visibly falling apart)...the woodwork! Ah the woodwork, it was gorgeousness and gorgeosity oh my brothers and sisters. It was two blocks from downtown Sun Prairie, in a lovely old neighborhood. It had a beautiful fireplace with tons of built in benches and shelves and cubbies. The kitchen was thoroughly modern. The bathroom was new (though...only one). Newly restored original hardwood floors, beautiful sun room that would make a nice office/studio/whatever, even the basement was big, bright, and clean with tall ceilings. It had a brick two car garage and a back yard that is big enough to do whatever you want, but not so big we couldn't mow it with our modest reel mower. It had central air! It had an attractive deck! We were just bursting with glee, to say the least, and our tour came to an end...we noticed the neighbors to the immediate left--or more accurately, we noticed their, two mean, barking dogs tied to the porch. Renters? we asked, Yeah, yeah...we glanced over the five cars/trucks parked in their backyard...then back to the angry, loud dogs. Just any dogs? oh no. NO, they had to have a PIT BULL. Suddenly, it all came crashing down...we exchanged glances and could see what the other was thinking. Not for the most beautiful house in the world. Not even with a fence. No. No horrible irresponsible renting neighbors with pit bulls. No late nights, early mornings, afternoons listening to barking dogs. No wondering if we should call someone. No stepping into the backyard and taking "dog inventory" to see if it's safe. These are chances we don't want to take...not with kids...

Monday, March 21, 2005

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Live and Learn [formerly "I was MORTIFIED!!! (say anything, YM magazine...come on like you don't read it.)"]

Yesterday I had to bring both of the children to the grocery store. We have to use one of those behemoth carts for people with multiple children who must be restrained and I always feel like one of those women I hated when I was younger. I thought if they were stuffed full of warm food it might be okay, so we stopped at the deli to get some chicken and biscuits. The woman at the counter is a sadist and snuck a chocolate chip cookie into the styrofoam container, and of course Mina snatched it up before I could even see what she had. I tried to take it away and make her eat the other stuff, was just too late.

We managed to make it through produce just fine, but when we got to the Natural Foods section (#2 in order) Mina started arching her back, squirming, whining, screaming, and trying to get out. I thought to myself (dumbly) "Well, maybe she's old enough to walk around the store with me..." I let her out, telling her if she touched anything she would have to sit in the cart again. She was very careful not to touch anything for about 0.02 seconds, until she saw the bulk bins of nuts. She squeeled with glee, ran over and reached her hand in...quick as a flash I had her scooped up and was strapping her into her seat, *calmly* explaining that I told her not to touch anything. That is when she had mega meltdown #1. I started pushing the cart fast and grabbing everything I needed, because there is nothing to be done at that point except wait it out. I could see this wasn't going to be fun and figured I should just get it over with as quickly as possible. Leta got a few good screams in there too, just for the hell of it.

Halfway through the store Mina finally calmed down and started performing all of her best tricks. She sang songs, she counted, she said her ABCs, she smiled at was as though she wanted someone else to take her home with them. I showered her with praise to keep her at it, but then we got to the checkout, the most evil, retched place in the whole grocery store. All of those pretty shiny candies and lighters and batteries and magazines, all within Mina's reach! And me, "nonononoNoNoNoNONONONO. Don't touch, don't touch, that isn't play with this...(random thing from my purse--new keychain this time) Oh no, don't drop that. Oh no, don't eat it. Yuck. " and then we have mega meltdown #2. Finally I paid for the groceries and left as fast as I could, and ...

...left my wallet.

I didn't realize it until later in the evening when I was going to Office Depot to buy poster board for my Chemistry presentation (due tomorrow). I had to go pick it up and thankfully the four dollars I had in there were still there. I kept thinking about the time I dropped my keys into the mailbox in front of Jason's work and every other time I did something incredibly dumb because I was flustered from dealing with children.

At least I can laugh at myself. Laugh, and then cry, and then laugh and cry.

That is why I don't go grocery shopping with them anymore.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

What to do, what to do...

Right now my better half is laying on the bed, drinking tea, and going back and forth about why we should or shouldn't get a Powerbook. We've been at this for a while now and had decided to get one, then to wait, then to get one, then to think about it some more. Now it's time to look at houses again, and sadly everything we look at is crappier than our townhouse rental and would be something like $400 more expensive per month. And people, I'm just not about to give up my monthly Jalepeno Bites allowance. Right now we're not buying a Powerbook, and we're saying, "for that kind of money we should build a home." We could stay here, renting, not buy a laptop but furnish our apartment with IKEA goodies. No. We're not going to do any of these things. We're going to buy a bottle of vodka and watch movies instead. *sigh* Everything is up in the air, always...I wonder where it's all going to land...

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I needs me some spring!

For the last week I have been sooooo tiiiiiiired. When I hop on the computer between mundane household duties I even nod off sometimes. My brain feels numb and I hate it--I just want to scream from the diaphram. I've been getting close to adequite sleep so I don't get it. Laura suggested that I might be fighting off a bug. It might be the chocolate martinis. I think it's that it's the end of winter and I have serious cabin fever. I take the girls somewhere every day just to get the teeniest amount of fresh air, but the landscape is brown and it's usually too cold to spend much time outside.

Today (besides class) we went to a "thrift department store" called Savers. I was hoping to find a funky retro spring jacket, because they always have a zillion of those at thrift stores...not today, however. All the other hipsters in Madison must have beat me to it. I did manage to buy three lovely silk scarves to accessorize with this spring/summer, a somewhat frumpy sundress (it's a little baggy...but it's red...and aren't sundresses supposed to be kind of loose?) and a goofy slip-dress I may never actually wear, but it's kind of fun and I might use it for a sewing project or something...

I just realized how boring it must be to read about what useless junk I bought at a thrift store. Anyway, it was something to do, and not hard on the ol' pocketbook, and it made me smile to look at the spring clothes.

Mina hates thrift shopping. Typical.

Anyway, this spring fever is rendering me next to useless around the house. If I could open some windows, just think of all the cleaning I could get done! *sigh*

I feel so sluggish, writing is a chore right now and I'm totally uninspired. PLEASE WARM UP SOON BEFORE I PUT A FORK IN MY OWN EYE. I'm driving myself berzerk in here.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Friday, March 04, 2005

Is it Friday again? (nothing all that amusing...)

Yesterday my friend Laura and I had lunch with the girls at the Original Pancake House (right?) and afterward we decided to check out a few stores in Monona.

We went to a Native American store called "Many Nations" and it was the teeniest little hole in the wall. I expected it to be crammed full of sparkly breakable things and kitchy typical things that stupid white people would decorate their offices with, but it was actually really nice...everything was in glass cases and it wasn't packed at all. We didn't buy anything though, we just wanted to look and be on our merry way.

We went to a little strip mall and bought a few things at Ben Franklin Crafts. Mina decided to pitch a fit in the middle of the store for reasons unknown. I mean, she was screaming at the top of her lungs...but I was still able to buy six balls of cotton yarn, some little barretts and a parrot kite. Laura bought me two canvases and I'm to paint her something for her livingroom. I'm excited to get out the paints and I hope I can come up with something that pleases her. Laura has friends in high places, so I expect that they'll see her painting and demand my name and number...haha...

Cuppa Jo is a little coffee shop a few doors down from the craft store, and we decided to take a coffee break. Laura bought my coffee (my, my, I have a generous friend, don't I?) and my eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw the wood cut prints on the walls...Oh, I wanted one fact, I wanted them all. Several of them were of buildings in Madison, I thought one of those would be a wise investment. The smaller prints were something like $130 and the large prints were $185. I thought that was very reasonable. I really liked the style and everything...*sigh* of course I didn't buy any because you know, my family needs to eat, but I did come home and tell Jason all about it and went on and on about how art was a good investment and a worthy cause. I would love to be able to buy art. I would love to support artists. Someday...maybe...

Today I drew a face on the magna-doodle and was asking Mina about it...she said, "Is it Laura? It's Laura. That's Laura!" I was going to post a picture of what exactly she thought looked like Laura, but I just didn't have the heart. Let me just say it looked nothing like Laura.

Right now I'm typing with one hand, holding a stinky baby...breaktime is over.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

http:The cutest shoes in the world by Robeez. I went to the Hilldale Mall today and "splurged", though I must say, one could do A LOT worse there. Apparently, somewhere in Madison there are people who go to fancy balls and can afford to drop a LOT of money. This mall is teeming with "desperate housewives" they see me the way I see them? They just seem so boring. One thing I like about that mall is that the sales people are older and friendlier...they always talk to/play with my kids. I can't imagine that they think I have any money to spend. I was dressed like a crazy hobo today, three shades of red...I just shouldn't be allowed to dress myself at 6 am. All of the other ladies I see there must have someone who dresses them. "Darling, I'm in the mood for 'saffron'...and tweed..." Or they dress themselves while someone watches their children. Or they are a lot more talented than yours truly...