Thursday, January 27, 2005

It might be better than livejournal.

This will, from now on, be the real deal. What I mean is that I'll still use livejournal for silly stuff and communication with friends, but I'll use THIS space for actual compositions.

Batooooo! Yah! Yah! Deeter deeter...NOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Mina is running around her bedroom like her pants are on fire, shouting things in toddler-ese. I wish I had a hidden camera in there so we could see what on earth she does in there for the hour that she stomps around before finally passing out. She likes to make window art, I know that. She bites a piece of fur out of her oversized pink doggy stuffed-animal, and presses her face against the window so she can spit on it. Then she uses the bit of fur to "paint" with her saliva on the glass. I've caught her in the act before and even watched her do it from the outside.

Leta has been ill with whatever deathlike virus has been going around. Her face has a really crusty snot shell casing and so does her hand. Her eyebrows are glued straight up like a mad scientist, glued with crusted snot. She is so impossible...she won't let me get near her with a rag or the bulb syringe (snot sucker-outer).

Every day is an adventure.

And it's only noon.

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yer mom said...

You should write a book, this is hilarious, hilary!